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Great News for PF Patients!

Today is the day we begin to change the way patients use the Internet forever.

Today, is the day when everyday patients begin to gain the ability to use the “world wide web” to inform and empower themselves with trustworthy, meaningful, and current information about their health and their lives.

Today, a leading patient advocacy group – the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) – announced it is bringing its unmatched knowledge base and reputation to build a powerful partnership with Responsum Health, a leading innovator in online patient information and engagement. Through this partnership, the PFF and Responsum have created a first-of-its-kind technology resource for patients with pulmonary fibrosis.

“No longer will doctors feel the need to warn their recently diagnosed patients against unvetted online searches…

No longer will PF patients be forced to sift online through overwhelming amounts of inaccurate, outdated and overly scientific information…”

Andy Rosenberg

Responsum for PF, in partnership with the PFF, does the searching for patients. And we only include the info that the PFF says is valid. And we summarize it and send it to patients’ personal newsfeeds so it’s easy to read and fed right to your e-mail. And we categorize it – discoveries, treatments, lifestyle, diet, travel – so that patients can search for articles in our extensive library.

We’re super excited about this partnership with the PFF, and believe that together, we can change healthcare. Because while the Internet offers patients the promise of unfettered access to massive amounts of information, we know they can easily find themselves overwhelmed by too much, or underserved by inaccurate, inappropriate or overly complex content. Responsum solves that problem. And at the end of the day, a better informed patient makes for better outcomes, and that is our number one goal.

If you or a loved one has PF, I hope you’ll consider signing up today. And if you just want to help us improve the way patients can harness the Internet to better their health, we hope you’ll follow us.

Andy Rosenberg, Founder & CEO