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Our partnership with the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation provides Responsum for PF users with the confidence to know that the content they are reading has been selected and vetted by some of the leading medical minds in the field.


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Responsum for PF is, and always will be, provided FREE to patients and other users, our users' personal data will never be shared with anyone, and our content will always be scientifically sound, medically appropriate, and devoid of commercial bias.

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Trusted, current, meaningful content fully vetted every day by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF).


Share opinions, insights, and reactions with other PF patients in our community.

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Find information on clinical trials, financial assistance, and support groups.

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Responsum for PF prioritizes security and privacy and ensures meet the highest levels of standards to protect all Protected Health Information (PHI).

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In case you were wondering...

Responsum is Latin for “answer,” as well as a term used in both Roman Catholic and Jewish traditions to describe answers provided by scholars on issues of great importance. For patients today, we hope that Responsum helps by providing a pathway to answers for their most important questions.

Yes. As a HIPAA-compliant platform, Responsum takes appropriate Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of protected health information (PHI). 

Responsum is the only patient platform that monitors, searches and curates the Internet and then provides a PFF vetted and trustworthy personalized Newsfeed of article summaries that patients are encouraged to read, share and comment on.


Additionally, Responsum wraps the Newsfeed into a comprehensive platform that enables patients to organize, schedule and share their health information with their Care Team, as well as find local patient support services and advocate for healthcare policies that impact their treatment.
The Responsum for PF platform and its services are provided free to patients and other users, but our costs are underwritten by a combination of supporters including foundations, companies and non-profits.
Responsum is funded, in part, by companies that use some of the aggregated, de-identified health data that we collect from our users for research purposes, as well as from referral fees that we sometimes collect when Responsum patients sign up to participate in clinical trials.
None of the for-profit companies that support Responsum have any influence over the editorial decisions we make in developing and distributing the content for the Newsfeed, however.

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What PF Patients and Caregivers are saying about Responsum for PF

"Responsum is helping me to be healthier! Recently, I read an article in my Newsfeed that prompted me to ask my doctor to check my vitamin D level. My doctor ordered the test and sure enough, my vitamin D level was low."
Stephen Berger
Responsum member since 2018
“My favorite part of the platform is the Patient One-Sheet. This unique, exclusive to Responsum tool allows me to track my symptoms and medications in one simple form that I take with me to every doctor’s visit. I can also share it with my caregiver and family members so they are up to speed on my condition. (And, I'm glad that Responsum adopted a form I recommended 😊)”"
Paul Fogelberg
"Responsum is what the PF community needs! For years, PF patients and their caregivers have been scouring the internet for information about pulmonary fibrosis. It’s not always obvious what is and is not a trusted resource. Because of the ingenuity of those at Responsum – teaming up with the PFF – they are able to provide vetted information."
Taleena koch
Responsum member since 2019